Harmonized Architecture Reference for Technical Standards

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Recent Changes

Service Package
Advanced Traveler Information Systems
Advanced Traveler Information Systems
Connected Vehicle System Monitoring and Management
Core Authorization
Curve Speed Warning
Data Distribution
Eco-Approach and Departure at Signalized Intersections
Electric Charging Stations Management
Electronic Regulations
Emergency Vehicle Preemption
Freight Signal Priority
Intelligent Traffic Signal System
Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance
In-Vehicle Signage
Location and Time
Map Management
Object Registration and Discovery
Pedestrian in Signalized Crosswalk Warning
Privacy Protection
Queue Warning
Reduced Speed Zone Warning / Lane Closure
Security and Credentials Management
Situational Awareness
Smart Park and Ride System
Special Vehicle Alert
Speed Harmonization
Spot Weather Impact Warning
Stop Sign Violation Warning
Transit Signal Priority
Traveler Information- Smart Parking
V2V Basic Safety
Vehicle Data for Traffic Operations
Warnings about Upcoming Work Zone