Analysis Products

HTG7’s primary product is an identification of gaps and overlaps in standards necessary to implement C-ITS. As a byproduct of the work required to identify these gaps and overlaps, HTG7 is also producing an architecture product that provides a globally harmonized C-ITS reference.

The Harmonized Architecture Reference for Technical Standards (HARTS) provides a globally generated C-ITS architecture reference with source materials spanning three continents. As described in the methodology section, HARTS includes three views, with heritage from a variety of sources. The primary gap analysis products are contained within the Communications Reference Model portion of the Communications View, but all views are relatable to their source products and may be used for other purposes if appropriate.

View and Models Source Heritage Primary Products
Functional CVRIA, FRAME, NIA (AU), ITS-S HARTS Functional database
Physical CVRIA Service Package diagrams
HARTS Physical database
Communications CVRIA, FRAME, NIA, ITS-S, ETSI Gap and Overlap Analysis
Communications Reference Model

The results of the analysis are presented in a series of reports: